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PPC Rockstars Interview with David Szetela



Got interviewed last week by Mr PPC Fabulous David Szetela from ClixMarketing

During the show we discuss:

· The evolution of the Microsoft Advertising Community Team

· The Yahoo! deal?!

· Microsoft adCenter as the one-stop-shop for advertisers

· Microsoft Media Network

· Search and Display ROI Uplift Research

· Microsoft Advertising Intelligence

· Atlas Search

· adCenter Desktop

· adCenter ROI – “2 times to 5 times better than on Google and Yahoo!” says David!

· SES San Jose!

· Microsoft Advertising on Social Media

Check out the interview here: Microsoft Advertising Interview with Mel Carson

Not Going to SES San Jose 2009 :-(


Ok so it’s all my fault!

When setting our wedding date Ashley and I didn’t check the conference calendar and so didn’t spot that Search Engine Strategies San Jose falls this year from 10th to the 14th August!

What were we thinking?!


It was only after paying the deposit on the caterers and the DJ, after friends had booked their exorbitant and non-refundable air fares from London, and after securing a super deal on an All American Mobile BBQ that we realised our gargantuan error.


Our wedding date is set for 15th August and as much as I tried to shoehorn a trip to California into our pre-wedding itinerary, herself was having none of it!

I tried to explain that SearchBash is a very sober affair and that I would make a Wednesday morning flight back to Seattle but to no avail………

It seems some things must take precedence over one of the happiest conferences of our lives.


I sincerely hope that you enjoy the week, that Mike Grehan & Kevin Ryan behave themselves 🙂 and that the keynote speeches are much better than my best men’s are going to be!

Do say hi to all my Microsoft colleagues who’ll be there in force, and get a 20% discount by checking out this post on Microsoft Advertising Community!


P.S. Can you believe she won’t let me TwitPic her coming down the aisle?!!!

Microsoft adCenter Keyword Research Tool

I’ve not written about this awesome little program on my blog until now.

No reason other than I suppose I forget sometimes that although I write a lot on the adCenter Blog, there are other channels I can talk about the great work our teams at Microsoft do.

In a nutshell the Microsoft adCenter Excel Add In Keyword Research Tool lets you plug in a keyword and assess how many people search using that word in a given time period.

image It will also tell you what other searches contained that term.

So not just “camera” but also “digital camera” “SLR Camera” “Camera Stores in Cardiff” or “my camera oh oh, my camera never lies anymore” (assuming people are looking for Bucks Fizz lyrics!)

keyword researchThe killer app for me is the demographic tool which lets you see which demographic – age and gender – is typing in that keyword more than any other?

Why is it important?

Well never before have you had so much rich data to use when marketing online…..or offline for that matter.

Knowing the different keywords that are associated with your products, services and brand and your competitors brands is important when you’re building out web or PPC keywords, content and ad copy.

But if you know what the audience that is most interested in learning more you can tailor your marketing accordingly.


Women aged between 18 and 25 are going to require a very different message than the kind you’d use to target a guy aged 50-65 so having a better understanding of who your customers are helps you come up with marketing that will resonate.

So download the Keyword Research Tool now and give it a whirl – you will NOT be disappointed!

We’re piloting the new version which has UK data at the mo so watch out for that on the adCenter Blog!

“Where Haven’t I Been?”

5 flights, 4 countries, 3 hotels, 2 hangovers and only 1 life!

The last couple of weeks have been madder than Mad Jack McMad!

1st there was Iceland and – check out mine and Rand Fishkin’s post and my Facebook Photos for some insight into that incredible few days!

Then there was SES New York – check out our wild and whacky videos here, here & here!


After a pit stop in Boston to visit my mate Dom Doyle who teaches Theology at Harvard, it was onto Toronto where I spent time with the Canada team and participated in a round table with some of Canada’s finest press folk and managed an amusing dinner out with Vanessa, Danny and Andrew & Mona from


Now I’m in Seattle meeting with my team, planning the next year’s worth of excitement and doing lots of work during downtime on the wedding!

After two weeks it’s a bit odd being away from Englandshire, but travelling sure makes sure you’re busy.

It amuses me how some people seem to think it’s all glitz and glam, but believe me you yearn for your own bed and a daily dose of Radio 5 Live!

The key is to make long trips comfortable and I have some tips on how to get the most from your mileage…….but I’ll save them for another day!

BTW – If anyone can name the BBC comedy and character who says the words in the title of this post, I’ll send them a surprise!

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