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Personal Branding Talk at #Share16 with Brightedge

Next week I’ll be in San Francisco giving attendees at Brightedge’s Share16 conference some ideas on how to be discoverable, shareable and memorable through personal branding examples and strategies.

Share 16 - Brightedge

I’ll be speaking on a track entitled: The Digital Marketing Mind: The Psychology of Self Development

On the panel with me are Adam Audette from Merkle and Dave Lloyd from Adobe, and I’m thrilled to hear them speak too, as I’ve had huge respect for their expertise over the years and can’t wait to hear what they have to say on the subject.

So come and hear my session on Personal Branding at #Share16 in San Francisco 26th Oct and register with discount code 10%2HearMe  >>

Hope to see you there,



Giving a Masterclass in Personal Branding Expedia

Last week, I had the pleasure of addressing 40 young women aged between 16 and 19 at Expedia’s head office in Bellevue, WA.

Earlier in the year (and out of the blue), I had received an invitation to speak at the Program near Seattle (one of 78 locations around the US) about my experiences in the tech world, so I offered to talk to them about personal branding.

While my job and career has always entailed enticing consumers to spend more time on the internet (searching and viewing great content), since having two young daughters of my own, I must admit I’m terrified they will make a mistake with their usage of social media sites that then hampers their career at some time in the future.

So, my talk was on how to build a safe personal brand online with great thought and discipline.

I have to say, it was one of the most rewarding hours of my speaking career with lots of nodding heads, ah-ha moments and some great questions at the end.

One young lady even followed up via email apologizing for being on her phone the whole time as she was deleting “silly” old Photobucket accounts she’d set up in 7th grade!

All the girls seemed to love the program Girls Who Code had set up, and the interns at Expedia chaperoning them were really first class as well.

Can’t wait for my girls to be old enough to join in the program, it really does seem like an excellent way to spend the summer holidays!



King 5 TV Appearance Talking Social Media Engagement

Mel on King 5 TV
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of appearing on King 5 TV’s New Day NW chat show and was quizzed by the fabulous Margaret Larson on what makes social media activity engaging and how to gain more followers.

The eight-and-a-half minutes went super-quickly but we got good feedback from people who saw it live and on Twitter & Facebook that I’d struck the right balance (didn’t get too techy) and got the authenticity message across well.

Take a peek at the recording by clicking here and let me know what you think.

Below are a few more pictures of the studio before we went on air, a Green Room shot of me and PNW gardening legend, Ciscoe Morris, and pics sent to me by friends!

King 5 Studio

Digital Brand Strategist Going Grey

Me and Margaret

Me & Ciscoe Morris in Green Room

Join Me on a Brandwatch Blab on Social Engagement Next Week


The delightful people at Brandwatch have asked me to join a blab next week entitled: Prioritizing engagement to build better communities on social and I can’t wait!

As digital channels get more cluttered with companies trying to capture the attention of consumers, engagement is a key metric for measuring whether your content is having any effect and helps lead your efforts toward more meaningful dialogue with your target audience.

I’ll be joined by Martin Jones, Alexandra Samuel and Dinah Alobeid so this is going to be a fantastic session expounding a lot of experience and know-how!

You can subscribe for free at the link below:

Prioritizing engagement to build better communities on social


Personal Branding: An Introduction – Meet My New Book

We are delighted to announce my new book(let) has gone live on Amazon:

Introduction to Personal Branding: 10 Steps Toward a New Professional You

Mel Carson Personal Branding Cover 0104

With the rise of digital and social media in the past few years, the internet has presented professionals with a magnificent opportunity to build, polish, and own outstanding personal brands. It’s also becoming more and more important for individuals to understand the practices and disciplines of personal branding to present themselves in an approachable, endearing and enduring way both in the digital world and in-person.

Personal branding benefits you and your business by:

  • Establishing Credibility & Thought Leadership
  • Growing Your Network
  • Attracting New Opportunities
  • Increasing Sales
  • Helping You Reach Your Business Goals

This Introduction to Personal Branding is based on a blog post series from last year. It is a one-stop-shop introduction to personal branding outlining the key concepts and strategies with actionable tactics you can employ immediately in order to start becoming more discoverable, shareable, and memorable within your industry.

The book is designed to be short and clean to read (under an hour,) and with the new edits you will get a systematic and well-designed step-by-step crash course in personal branding fundamentals.

Here’s a sneak peek of the highlight chapters:

  • Establish Your Professional Purpose
  • Embrace and Expound Your Experience
  • Analyze Your Competitors as You Build Your Personal Brand
  • Get a New Headshot – Your New Image Starts with an Image
  • How to Craft Your Personal Branding Statement
  • Make Your Personal Brand Discoverable
  • How to Re-engineer Your Digital Presence
  • Take 5 and Practice Writing
  • How to Learn to Listen and Practice Empathy
  • Social By Design: Make Your Personal Brand Stand Out. Always.

Who is this book for?

  • CEOs, Executives, and Business Owners who want to position themselves as industry thought leaders and stand out from the competition.
  • Individual Contributors & Academics who want to get ahead in their careers and want to understand how to have their expertise and experience be more discoverable.
  • HR & Training Managers who want to understand personal branding to help train employees on social media branding and social selling.
  • PR Agencies & Exec Comms Managers who need inspiration and training on personal branding strategies for their clients, CEOs, or themselves.

So please download it from Amazon today:

Introduction to Personal Branding: 10 Steps Toward a New Professional You – US Version

 Introduction to Personal Branding: 10 Steps Toward a New Professional You – UK Version

I hope you enjoy reading the book and can’t wait to hear what you think!

Cheers, Mel

Video: The Chase – Brilliant Feed The Pig Ad Designed to Get Young People Saving

In November, I gave the keynote speech at a gathering of financial advisors in the UK.

The brief was to inspire the assembled into thinking more creatively about how to use digital to get their clients to save and invest more.

I was very honest and told them it’d taken me until my 40’s to actually take some advice on my financial future. Sure I had a few pensions I’d been paying into during my time at Microsoft and before, but I’d never taken the time to understand life insurance or really figure out what I needed to do in order to retire at 60 as I’m kidding myself I’d like to.

During the question and answer session after my speech I was asked what I’d do if I was marketing financial services, so I said I’d tell some stories through video and online that actually resonated with the target audience of twenty-something’s instead of trotting out boring forecasts of how little I was going to have to spend in 25 years time.


Enter who recently created The Chase ad that I just spotted on TV this weekend and others like this, just as brilliant, spot called The Game.

The website is excellent with sections with helpful advice on budgeting, goal setting, spending and taxes.

It uses simple and easy language to understand the issues and provides accessible solutions to get you on the right track.

There’s even a site dedicated to Tweens!

Created by the American Institute of CPAs and the Advertising Council here in the US, I think it is a fantastic campaign and something I’d wished I’d had access to all those years ago when I were but a wee lad!

Webinar: Beyond SEO – Loving Link Data for Social Media Digital PR and More

This article has been cross posted from the Delightful Blog:

Some of you might know that one of my many Delightful hats is actually more of a crown.

A Majestic SEO crown.


For over a year now, I’ve been lucky enough to act as Brand Ambassador for Majestic here in the USA, and speak at conferences about their incredible “big data” toolset.

My remit is to help broaden the audience for the brand and get other digital marketers enthused about getting smart with link data and using it for more than just SEO (search engine optimization).

I’ve done a couple of presentations this year and a couple of blog posts too about how best to use what Majestic has to offer, and on Friday 6th December at 9.30am PST (5.30pm GMT) I’ll be delivering a webinar on how businesses can use their tools for influencer discovery, digital PR and competitive analysis.

If you’re interested in hearing some top tips, feel free to register for FREE below:

Beyond SEO – Loving Link Data for Social Media Digital PR and More

If you know anyone in PR or social media that you think might benefit from a talk like this, please share this post!

Digital Marketing Conferences are a Lot Like London Buses

I remember my first post on the Microsoft adCenter Blog (now Bing Ads) was similarly titled to the above. I’d just got back from about three conferences in a week that had crept up on me after a drought of face-to-face contact with people in the industry.

Well, 7 years on and this summer has been pretty bonkers in that regard.

First there was the BrightEdge #Share13 event in August during which I spoke about loving links beyond SEO on behalf of Majestic, who I have had the pleasure of being their US Brand Ambassador for over a year now.

Mel Carson #SearchLove

On Stage at Distilled’s #SearchLove Conference

Then it was off to San Diego for #SearchLove organized by those lovely guys from Distilled. There, I was asked to speak about the book and kicked off proceedings by Celebrating the People Behind the Pixels. It was one of those conferences where your brain bleeds with the influx of new and scintillating information. Thanks to them for the invite. I’ve only just recovered!

Finally it was back to San Francisco for SES and a solo session on The Marriage of PR and Social Media, which went well enough for me to hopefully get asked back in the new year for their New York event.

Next week I’ll be in New York for SMX East and then Vegas for Pubcon, so you can imagine how the missus feels about it!

During the BrightEdge event, I was interviewed by the fabulous Murray Newlands from Search Engine Journal which you can view above. I was talking about how you can use Majestic link data to discover influencers for PR outreach, especially as it’s so easy to see competitor link information.

I’ll also be spending 3 weeks with the family in the UK during November for meetings and a couple speaking gigs, so will be getting a few pints of real ale and pork pies in to satisfy my cravings!

If you’re in London in November, let me know as I hope to meet up with some old faces while I’m there!

Bernhoft Plays at TEDxSeattle (and gets a standing ovation!)

I wrote about the great experience we had at TEDxSeattle the other day and now the videos are up on YouTube!

This was one of the entertainment highlights of the day for me that the assembled throng marveled at and gave the first standing ovation to.


Jarle Bernhoft  is from Norway and generates the most incredible “retro-soul” sound as a one-man-band through great playing and a clever sequencing of beats, notes and crisp, clear vocals.


Jarle Bernhoft  Lost in Music

Stop whatever you are doing and spend the next 12.32 minutes watching this incredible performance.

Click Here if you can’t play the video above.

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