Not Going to SES San Jose 2009 :-(


Ok so it’s all my fault!

When setting our wedding date Ashley and I didn’t check the conference calendar and so didn’t spot that Search Engine Strategies San Jose falls this year from 10th to the 14th August!

What were we thinking?!


It was only after paying the deposit on the caterers and the DJ, after friends had booked their exorbitant and non-refundable air fares from London, and after securing a super deal on an All American Mobile BBQ that we realised our gargantuan error.


Our wedding date is set for 15th August and as much as I tried to shoehorn a trip to California into our pre-wedding itinerary, herself was having none of it!

I tried to explain that SearchBash is a very sober affair and that I would make a Wednesday morning flight back to Seattle but to no avail………

It seems some things must take precedence over one of the happiest conferences of our lives.


I sincerely hope that you enjoy the week, that Mike Grehan & Kevin Ryan behave themselves 🙂 and that the keynote speeches are much better than my best men’s are going to be!

Do say hi to all my Microsoft colleagues who’ll be there in force, and get a 20% discount by checking out this post on Microsoft Advertising Community!


P.S. Can you believe she won’t let me TwitPic her coming down the aisle?!!!


  • Jason Yormark

    That’s OK. I’m not going either. Of course for reasons not as glamorous.

    Reply Posted 11 years ago
  • Dixon Jones

    I think that on balance, you’re wise not to risk the whole wedding by being away until the day before! Anyway… I’ll do my best to represent the Brits without you. See you at the wedding!

    Reply Posted 11 years ago

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