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Fabulous Cave B Inn and Winery


Last month, I took Ashley to the Cave B Inn on the Columbia River Gorge in Eastern Washington. I was determined we’d have one last hurrah (Ashley called it a baby-moon) before our child was born, so what better destination for a pregnant lady but a famous winery!

£15,000 for a Beach Hut in Seaford


Yes, that’s right! Over £15K or $25,000 for an 8ft by 6ft wooden hut by the sea that you can’t even sleep in by law!


But there is free parking so that’s a bonus huh!

Ashley and Rattlesnakes at the Columbia River Gorge


Will write up a review of our stay at Cave B this weekend, but just HAD to get this photo up of Ashley on top of the cliff at the Columbia River Gorge.

She looks AMAZING!


This photo was taken at the same viewing point off the I90. Someone on Facebook smartly suggested that surely you should “listen out” for, rather than look out for these slippery fiends!

We didn’t come across any…. ;-(

Kirstie Alley & Dancing with the Stars in Times Square NYC


Spotted Kirstie Alley and co from the US Dancing with the Stars show in Times Square yesterday morning. Not quite sure what the deal was, but there was quite a throng we had to wade though.

Can you spot her smack bang in the middle avec minder?

Posted this for Ashley who lets me “play on my computer” while she watches the show with gay abandon!

Seattle Japanese Garden


Well today being the first sunny Saturday of the year here in Seattle, Ashley, her sister Colleen, baby Julia and I ventured 10 minutes from our house, near the Seattle Arboretum, to check out the Japanese Garden on Lake Washington Boulevard.

Cabin Creek Snoqualmie Cross Country Skiing


This past Saturday held a first in my life – 1st time ever on a pair of skis!

My brother and sister-in-law – Chason and Aubrey – took me up to the Cabin Creek trail in Snoqualmie and we spent many a calorie trudging through some amazing scenery.

I’m paying for my exertion as I write this, because it really is a total body workout!

The skis are much thinner than downhill ones, and the trail is built with grooves in the snow to make it a little easier, but it’s still hard!


Aubrey giving me a helping hand…

Don’t get cocky or distracted though. I was admiring the scenery a bit too much and managed to perform an involuntary impression of the abdominal snowman!


Me and Chase

What’s amazing is A&C turned up at the house with some chocolate waffles and coffee at about 8.30am, we were on the trail by 10 and back in downtown Seattle by 1pm.

I had no idea the mountains and all this funtivity was so close.

Hoping to get up there next week.

Might be the last time before it all turns to slush…

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