Seattle Japanese Garden


Well today being the first sunny Saturday of the year here in Seattle, Ashley, her sister Colleen, baby Julia and I ventured 10 minutes from our house, near the Seattle Arboretum, to check out the Japanese Garden on Lake Washington Boulevard.


It’s a beautifully designed setting with a lake, streams, koi carp and a plethora of trees, flora and fauna. The Japanese chap – Juki Iida – that came up with the plans, apparently hand-picked 500 granite rocks in various shapes and sizes from the Snoqualmie Pass and personally placed each one in the 3.5 area plot.


We bought a family pass – $30 for the two of us – which lasts a year as we’ll definitely be back to have a wander around, especially as they do tea ceremony demonstrations and photography days where geeks like me can roll up, tripod in hand, and get a bit closer to the action.


Ashley + Bump + England Cricket Cap

Ever since travelling to Japan in the 1990’s, I’ve always had an an ambition to have my own tea house with rock garden like the one in Kyoto called Ryoan Ji – click on that link and you’ll see what I mean, or take a look at these images on Bing.

Just gorgeous!


Always had a thing for Koi Carp too, although Ashley won’t let me have any, so I’ve had to buy a painting of some instead!

Anyway, first sunny Saturday must mean a BBQ somewhere, but if you get a chance do get to the Japanese Garden because it’s well worth it.

More Seattle “must-dos” soon…..


  • P M Melville

    What beautiful photos – you must definitely visit there more
    often and post more pictures. Thank you for sharing! xx

    Reply Posted 13 years ago
  • Michael White

    Really beautiful pictures here. Despite being a 21 year old hooligan I am actually a member of the RHS and enjoy gardens. Looks like I will need to visit this Japenese Garden one day.

    Understand your love for Koi Carp but must insist you avoid the things. Have you seen how expensive they can be?!

    Reply Posted 13 years ago
  • MelC

    Thanks guys. Michael, I didn’t even look at the prices. My pathetic attempt at growing herbs always end up with a premature funeral, so there’s no way I’d buy fish. Will post a photo of the painting soon….

    Reply Posted 13 years ago

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