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Just spent a day in Oregon wine country with Mike Thomas of Wine Tours Northwest who did an excellent job of showing the “fearsome five-some” – we were on a bachelor party weekend out of Portland – over 7 wineries in a day!


Mike on left – reprobates and winery guy on right!

Mike picks you up in an air-conditioned van and drives you down to the Willamette Valley, stopping at wineries he thinks you’ll like based on your preferences.

Given Oregon is so famous for Pinot Noir, you’re going to taste a lot of that, but there are whites and rose’s thrown in at most places.

A fantastic lunch was all part of the package too. Nick’s Italian Cafe in McMinnville served the best mussels I’ve ever had and some stonkingly fresh and crispy pizzas as well!

I think we’d settled on 5-6 wineries for the day, but Mike was keen to cram as much as he could for us – hence the lucky 7 Winking smile

My favourite was de Lancellotti because there was a no nonsense tasting room and the wine spoke for itself. I love the fancy places with the amazing views, but some were charging a whopping $20 for a tasting which we all thought was a bit too steep!

If you’re ever down in the Portland area and fancy a educational day being ferried around by Mike, we’d thoroughly recommend him as a very knowledgeable and lovely guy!


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