Cabin Creek Snoqualmie Cross Country Skiing


This past Saturday held a first in my life – 1st time ever on a pair of skis!

My brother and sister-in-law – Chason and Aubrey – took me up to the Cabin Creek trail in Snoqualmie and we spent many a calorie trudging through some amazing scenery.

I’m paying for my exertion as I write this, because it really is a total body workout!

The skis are much thinner than downhill ones, and the trail is built with grooves in the snow to make it a little easier, but it’s still hard!


Aubrey giving me a helping hand…

Don’t get cocky or distracted though. I was admiring the scenery a bit too much and managed to perform an involuntary impression of the abdominal snowman!


Me and Chase

What’s amazing is A&C turned up at the house with some chocolate waffles and coffee at about 8.30am, we were on the trail by 10 and back in downtown Seattle by 1pm.

I had no idea the mountains and all this funtivity was so close.

Hoping to get up there next week.

Might be the last time before it all turns to slush…


  • Joanna Butler

    You make it look so much fun! Love the photos! Haven’t dared to get on a pair of skis myself yet… but having read this then maybe I will have a go one day soon… maybe! 🙂 Sounds like someone’s about to get thoroughly addicted to the slopes!

    Reply Posted 13 years ago
  • MelC

    Thanks Joanna. It was quite an eye opener, even if I’m suffering a little today. You should give it a whirl….

    Reply Posted 13 years ago

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