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Bing–Latest on Social Media, Mobile & Local from Stefan Weitz

I’m in New York right now and met up with Bing colleague Stefan Weitz to discuss in this video the latest and greatest with the search (decision) engine that, with integration with Yahoo!, means we now have 30% market share in the US.

He has some great things to say about the social signal integration Bing is doing, plus some stuff around mobile and local.

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How to Win at Cannes Lions 2011 by JWT’s Fernando Vega Olmos

Love these simple tips on how to win a Cannes Lion from Fernando Vega Olmos, JWT’s Worldwide Creative Council Chairman.

1) Have an idea! Can you communicate it in a Tweet? 140 characters seems to be the new elevator pitch. Show it to your creative colleagues. Do they get jealous?

2) Get the message across well in the first 30 seconds. Grab attention and then let it breathe and be enjoyed.

3) Explain the cultural context. Not all judges will be from your neck of the woods.

Keep it simple and entertaining…..oh and say a prayer!


Looking forward to covering the festival again this year.

Will you be there?

Can’t view the video? Click here!

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Dips with Microsoft Tag


Our friends over at Microsoft Tag have helped Sports Illustrated take the plunge into mobile marketing-land with their revealing Swimsuit Edition.

When readers scan the tag they can:

· Vote for their favourite of the eight models competing for the chance to be a SI Swimsuit rookie in the 2012 issue. They can view photos and video of each model.

· Watch behind-the-scenes video of all 17 models in the 2011 issue.

· Share videos via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

· See their favourite 2011 models in “Model vs. Model,” featuring swimsuit models matched with a Nissan car.

· Download Sports Illustrated’s new Swimsuit Mobile App.

Great stuff from a team who’ve been covering a lot of ground recently like the new USA Today execution and 3M.

To time-pressed to read?

Spend 90 seconds watching the below video to see what Tag has to offer.

Undressing Figleaves ByBox Building Projector Advertising


Got a bit distracted last night by this projector ad on the side of a building in Hammersmith. Apparently they were showing up on buildings near our offices in Victoria too.

I like this approach.

You don’t expect it to be there, it’s dynamic, it captivates and engages, and has something for everyone – a girl in the office was most enamoured with the guy model that appears shortly after this lady.

F1 Inside Ferrari Photo App on iTunes

My mate Jon Nicholson, who I mentioned last week, has just released his first photography app called Inside Ferrari for the *cough* iPad.



It’s a nifty and colourful fly-on-the-wall look at the round and round world of Grand Prix and Formula One racing, tracking the Ferrari team through their Michael Schumacher inspired world domination.

It’s Jon’s first foray into disseminating his work through new digital channels.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Looking forward to seeing some of his stuff developed for the Windows Phone or Xbox soon!

New Blog Coming Soon!


My blog is due for a revamp!

In this ever-changing landscape of advertising and technology, we’re always being advised to re-invent ourselves, think of new ways to push boundaries, and consider looking, and talking, about things from different angles.

A few days ago I spent my lunch hour getting some photos done with Jon Nicholson.

Jon’s a supremely talented guy who has had exclusive access to McLaren’s F1 team and Lewis Hamilton, shooting amazing images throughout his career including: Damon Hill’s championship year, getting the inside view of what it’s like at Ferrari during the season, books about cowboys, the England rugby team and, more recently, National Geographic, Condé Nast Traveller and now tops it all off with exclusive photography tours with Abercrombie & Kent.

“They” say a picture tells a thousand things, and the above says a lot about Jon. I’ve walked past this mirror outside Waterloo Station ten thousand times, but have never seen what Jon saw that day: Pictures within pictures within pictures. That’s us in the centre!

Suffice to say I wasn’t disappointed with our shoot either!

You can see my new “avatar” on my Twitter page and on Facebook, the rest will be revealed when Kean’s had a think

Follow Jon on Twitter too! I’ve persuaded him to start a blog as well, because I think his work needs more exposure, and I learned so much in just one hour with him.

Stay tuned….

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