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My blog is due for a revamp!

In this ever-changing landscape of advertising and technology, we’re always being advised to re-invent ourselves, think of new ways to push boundaries, and consider looking, and talking, about things from different angles.

A few days ago I spent my lunch hour getting some photos done with Jon Nicholson.

Jon’s a supremely talented guy who has had exclusive access to McLaren’s F1 team and Lewis Hamilton, shooting amazing images throughout his career including: Damon Hill’s championship year, getting the inside view of what it’s like at Ferrari during the season, books about cowboys, the England rugby team and, more recently, National Geographic, Condé Nast Traveller and now tops it all off with exclusive photography tours with Abercrombie & Kent.

“They” say a picture tells a thousand things, and the above says a lot about Jon. I’ve walked past this mirror outside Waterloo Station ten thousand times, but have never seen what Jon saw that day: Pictures within pictures within pictures. That’s us in the centre!

Suffice to say I wasn’t disappointed with our shoot either!

You can see my new “avatar” on my Twitter page and on Facebook, the rest will be revealed when Kean’s had a think

Follow Jon on Twitter too! I’ve persuaded him to start a blog as well, because I think his work needs more exposure, and I learned so much in just one hour with him.

Stay tuned….


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