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I’m Writing a Book!


I was a terrible tease on Twitter and Facebook yesterday but can now share that I am writing a book!

Through an incredible set of events and connections – which include a paradise island, a Mayfair dinner, my first ever interview and a pint of Tribute in SW London – I’m co-authoring a book on digital advertising, marketing, search and social media with Professor Paul Springer of Ads to Icons fame.

Published through Kogan Page in the UK, US and Asia, it’ll be a collection of stories about people in the digital industry that have done ground-breaking things to help shape it and propel it forward.

There are some very good books out there about products and services, and there are some very good books on theory and best practice. Our writing will engage with, and expose the thinking and the stories behind those people who helped conceptualize those products and services, and who were the first minds to start mapping out the theories and online institutions that make digital what it is today.

That was the news. Winking smile

I’m incredibly privileged to be working with Paul and Kogan Page and we’ll have updates on the name and when and where you can pick up a copy of the book very soon…..

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Social Media Infographic on MSN Word-of-Mouth


So this is the longest post I’ve ever written! Winking smile

Above is a snazzy infographic our US team designed to demonstrate how “social” the MSN audience is.

In advertising world dominated by the buzz around social media, and budgets drifting that way from “traditional” digital channels, it’s important to show that stalwarts like MSN still have the necessary clout to start and prolong word-of-mouth discussion about consumer products and services.

Read the blog post here where you can get our social media/word-of-mouth research paper.

Kudo Tsunoda Interview on Xbox 360 and Kinect at Cannes Lions 2011

Got to spend 8 minutes with the creative director for Xbox 360 – Kudo Tsunoda – at Cannes Lions 2011 this week.

Quite a force in person – I’d sneaked into watch his session rehearsal – and quite the demoer, Kudo has a presence and articulation quite unlike anyone I’ve ever met.

Check out us talking about Kinect, why it’s sold so well, and listen to the advice he gives to creatives on how to get the most from the Xbox platform.


Video: Jess Greenwood from Contagious Magazine on 365 Marketing

Video: Microsoft Photosynth iPhone App

I’ve written about Photosynth a number of times and about Blaise Aguera y Arcas too.

In this video, the Photosynth guys introduce the iPhone App they’ve developed and show some really compelling demos.

I just love the constant revisiting of the verb “share”. As last week’s announcement by the Bing team shows, we’re accelerating towards a world where social integration in search will help us make decisions even faster.

With the world going more mobile, finding that restaurant, art gallery or park more quickly, means more time to take more photos and share the experience via technology like this.

Photosynth has come so far in the last 4 years, I can’t wait to see what guys come up with next….

Can’t view the video? Click Here!

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