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5 Things I Love about Being a Dad

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Have you met Maggie yet?

Followers of this blog or my Twittering can’t fail to have see one of my doting postings.

I’ve always thought long and hard about what I post, but every since Margaret Jane was born, I have perhaps been a little OTT.

But you know what? I don’t care!

I’m totally in love with being a daddy.

Here’s 5 reasons why:

A New Perspective

Being a parent has give me a totally new perspective on life. In the past it was always about me, and then me and Ashley (my wife). It was about work, travelling, nice restaurants and fine wine. Now I feel an enormous amount of responsibility, not just to Maggie and her upbringing in a safe and happy environment, but also to society as I want her brought up to integrate well and positively contribute and not just receive. I love that we have an opportunity to shape the future that will exist way after we shuffle off this mortal coil. I guess we’ve always had that chance, but something about bringing an extension of ourselves into the world has been a bit of a wake-up call.


Look at my muscles daddy!

Everyday is a Revelation

When you’re nearly 40 (yikes!) days blend into each other and weeks and months can pass swiftly with no change. Being a dad is teaching me something new everyday. Maggie is changing everyday. It might be a new gesture, gurgle or coo. It might be a new cry, a different toy she focuses on or a cuter smile. Everyday I’m challenged like never before. What does she want? What did that shriek mean? Am I spending enough time interacting with her? Could I be doing anything else to ease her way into the world? Are we saving enough for her college fund?! Everyday brings new joy and meaning.

Work Has Got Better

Anyone that knows me knows I love my job. But having Maggie in our lives has made me love it more. Why? Because I’m learning to nail what matters and be more efficient about how I spend my time at the office. When you have a pretty little 7 week old gurgling at home, you want to get back to her as soon as you can. So I work quicker, smarter and procrastinate less about what I’m setting out to achieve. My old boss Jenny always amazed me how, after she had her delightful little boy Cole, she still managed to do her job extremely well, but still leave the office at a reasonable time to get home to see the little rascal. She told me, “Things change. Your focus changes. You work smarter.”


Dreaming of….?

Never Had So Much Fun

OK, so maybe I should say I’ve not had this much fun since I was A LOT younger. Maggie has brought a lot of joy into our lives and it’s allowed us to do some silly things, not take ourselves so seriously and do things for fun…and only fun. In order to empathise with a child, you need to get in touch with your inner-child and even though things are fun now with trips to the park, silly songs and face pulling contests, I cannot wait to take Maggie on hikes, boating and camping trips, seeing the world through her eyes with no agenda and enjoying the world for what it is without having to think too deeply about planning and outcomes. I’ve not had candy floss (cotton candy over here) for ages! Bring on Maggie being old enough to enjoy all the fun of the fair!


Ashley & Maggie in New York

I Love Ashley a Millions Times More

We’ve had a wonderful friendship, relationship and marriage and I never thought I could love anyone more than I did Ashley. Then Ashley “the pregnant lady” and now mother came along and I’m more smitten than I’ve ever been. The pregnancy wasn’t easy. She was very sick for five months and suffered some very sad times, but she showed amazing courage and strength through all that plus the birth and now is being the most incredible mommy (mummy in the UK !), getting more confident every day. She’s always been a strong and opinionated woman, and I love that she’s taken to motherhood so well and is enjoying it – so important for a child’s development to know you actually LIKE being with them!

So in short Maggie’s brought a new dimension to my life, where everyday is new, work/life balance is better and more fruitful, and I’m having so much fun with two ladies I love more than real ale and cricket!

Why do you love being a parent?

Maggie’s Feet


Been showing this photo on my phone to people asking about Maggie and thought I’d share.

What do you reckon? Ballerina? Scuba diver? Morris dancer? Mountain climber?

Maggie Knows Her Name!

OK, well maybe not her name, but she’s getting bigger and able to kick those long legs like crazy and respond to sounds.

Hard to believe that just over a month ago she was inside Ashley wiggling like this!

It’s Ashley’s birthday tomorrow, so Daddy and Maggie will be doing special for our heroine, followed by dinner with family and friends in West Seattle.


But I want to watch the game!

We’re trying to persuade Ashers that “that something special” might be finding a pub for the England world cup rugby game tomorrow……….but not sure that’s going to wash!

Please Welcome Margaret Jane Carson to the World!


Not only did my beautiful wife do the “sister-toast” at her sister Colleen’s amazing wedding yesterday – which included a flash-mob dance routine which she carried out in pre-labour – but today she blessed the Carson/Seffernick family with a beautiful baby girl without so much as an ibuprofen!


An absolute trooper, Ashley spent nearly 20 hours persuading Maggie to make an appearance with the fantastic help of her sisters, Colleen and Aubrey, mother Nancy and the super-talented Chrissy Karlstrom.


Maggie is a healthy 9lb, 21.5 inch beauty with long limbs and big, crinkly feet.


She’s taken her first bath, listened to her first song – “Play Me “ by Neil Diamond – which Ashley and I sang to her every day for the last 3 months – and now, thankfully, she’s having a kip and so is my incredible wife.


People warned me that this would be the most awesome experience of my life…….


……..and they were right!

I used to think I was lucky sharing my life with one gorgeous lady, but now there’s another and we’re a family.

Today, August 21st at 3.35pm PST, I became the luckiest guy I know.

Please join me in welcoming Margaret Jane to the world!

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