Andrew Seffernick Sculpture & Art


As I wrote earlier this week, today was my brother-in-law Andrew’s memorial celebration and board ride on Alki Beach in West Seattle.


Over 200 people turned out to share memories of Andrew’s life and see some of his quite amazing art and sculptures.


I must have counted over 50 pieces that people had brought along. Such was Andrew’s uniqueness, he literally gave his art away and the family have no idea exactly how much of his creations adorn the walls and mantelpieces of homes in and around the Seattle area.





Horse Shoe Wine Rack

Steve Shay from the West Seattle Herald did a great job writing up the memorial for his paper.



There were a lot of Andrew’s larger creations on show and we all set off down the board-walk for a ride in his honour.

An amazing day with an amazing group of family and friends for an amazing guy.


You can see more photos here in this album.


  • Rachel Mc

    Hi there, I was a classmate of Andrews at Chief Sealth and this was a wonderful blog post/ picture share. Thank you. He was so kind to people and I wish I got to become better friends with him. God bless you and your whole family. – RMc

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
    • Mel Carson

      Thanks for your kind words Rachel. I have passed them on to the family.

      Reply Posted 12 years ago

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