Social Media & Escape to the Country AGAIN!!


Over 3 years ago Ashley and I appeared on the UK property show Escape to the Country.

All these years later, it’s STILL getting repeated (must be more than 10 times now so they’re getting their mileage out of it) and every time I find out through social media.

The above was taken by our friend Katie who lives in Sussex and she posted it to her Facebook page tagging me saying “AGAIN!???”

Another friend, Carey, posted:


But these are friends. People that know us.

What about people who don’t? Well when I know we’ve been on, I love to see what people are saying on Twitter:


All pretty innocuous right? But good fun to eavesdrop on complete strangers’ viewing habits.



My next favourite things is to reply to people who say things like that:


To which I got an immediate reply:


And then:


Now this was all a bit naughty of me and the lady then got chatty and was very nice (that’s why I’ve scrubbed her name out, although you could easily work out who she was) but it just goes to show what kind of feedback social media can provide and just how people react when, as she says, they are “rumbled”.

Food for thought for brands on a bigger scale?

BTW if you’ve seen the show, we couldn’t afford any of the houses as the house market had crashed between when we applied and when we did the filming. It was good fun and Alistair Appleton was a lovely man!


  • Jimbo

    Good post Maff. Very interesting. Can you do the same for the Joe Cocker video?

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • Clare

    Just saw the Escape to the Country episode here in Perth, Western Australia. Did you ever find your dream home?

    Reply Posted 11 years ago
  • Mel Carson

    Hello Clare. Hope you enjoyed the episode. We found our dream home in Seattle! We didn’t stay in the UK. Now have a nearly 2 year old called Maggie. Dodger is in doggy heaven! Thanks for reaching out!

    Reply Posted 11 years ago

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