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How to Stop Procrastinating!

I am as guilty of procrastinating as anyone who puts off certain tasks until the last minute!

A few years ago I wrote about the book Eat That Frog, which is an excellent quick read to help you get over your stalling.

More recently I’ve read Procrastination too, and found out I’m a maladaptive perfectionist!

The above video is an excellent two minute explanation of why we procrastinate from ASAP Science.

Watch it and learn about “present bias” and “hyperbolic discounting” and then…………………stop procrastinating and get back to work!

How Big is Maggie?

Not seen this in the UK, but in the US babies are encouraged to throw their arms up to the question “How big is [insert name here]?” and show how big they are!

We didn’t know that Maggie’s Auntie Colleen was teaching her this new trick, so imagine our surprise when she suddenly started doing it.

Love our Magpie. She’s eating freshly BBQ’s salmon by the way as we figure that’s one step towards that college scholarship!

Microsoft Surface Table 2.0 = Gorgeous

I’ll be salivating all over this when it arrives in Cannes. I remember when the first version came out I wanted one!

This post with my first impressions of Cannes in 2009 shows a picture of what V1 looked like.

V2, as you’d expect, is now slimmer and super-souped up.


Read all about it here!

The Future of TV via Ross Honey from Xbox

This post was cross-posted from the Pioneers of Digital Blog: The Future of TV

While is was in New York a couple of weeks ago for the Digital Content NewFronts, I finally got to meet Ross Honey who heads up advertising and entertainment on Xbox.

Not only is he a great bloke (and an excellent presenter – he’ll be in Cannes with us for the advertising festival), he also has some important things to say about the future of TV – essentially that the future is here and his team has helped create it!

Through more choice, easier discoverability via Kinect voice control, and by creating new and engaging experiences through social and more interactive technology, Ross claims that Xbox has fundamentally changed the way we “watch” TV and that it’s all available NOW!


A curious by-product of moving to the US is being introduced to the ubiquitous estate sale. Every weekend, while driving through any suburb of Seattle, you’re likely to see signs pointing to houses where the occupants have ”shuffled off this mortal coil”, and all their worldly possessions are up for grabs. I passed through one at the weekend and spotted a TV not unlike the one above. It got me thinking about how times have changed so rapidly in the entertainment space and how the pace of innovation seems to have accelerated over the past couple of years.

Hearing the bold claim by Ross got me thinking how lucky I am to be playing small part in the future of all this change. When I was given a ZX Spectrum in 1980, I couldn’t dream that in 30 years time I’d be working with people who were creating technology that not only entertains so beautifully, but that can really change the world.

OK! Waxing lyrical over! Back to work…..



Advertise on Skype in 17 Latin American Countries

Exceptional video from our Latin American team, who’ve just launched advertising on Skype via Microsoft Advertising in a whopping 17 countries including: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, Latin America HQ (Miami), Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Read more on what’s on offer on the Microsoft Advertising Latin America site as there’s a presentation you can download and a lot more info!

This has been no mean feat, so congrats to the guys in Miami!

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