NY Competition – Win an "I’m A PC" T-Shirt & Stickers

During the latter part of 2008, not a day went by without someone pinging me for some of the I’m A PC stickers I have adorning my laptop!


Well 2009 has bought new riches to my desk in Cardinal Place in the form of blue and yellow stickers AND…………………………….two T-shirts!

“I’m A PC” Ts are like gold dust and you can see why from how fabulous I look in one! 😉


So I’ve decided to give them away in a competition which is tied to New Years Resolutions and Ambition!

The question is very simple:

“What will you be in 2009 and why?”

Imagine what you want to achieve over the next twelve months, and think what you’d want on an “I’m A ???” T-shirt at the end of the year.

I’ll start by saying I want to have a T-shirt saying “I’m A Super-Happily Married Man!”


Because I’ve started the ball rolling towards the most important day in my life and, although I know the next 8 months will be a logistical and financial challenge, I’ll try my hardest to get through it with as little stress as possible and with a huge smile on my face once I’ve said I DO!

Now that’s a pretty personal one but it can be career or work-related!

Over to you……comment below! I’ll pick the winner next week!


  • Al

    I’m as good a public speaker as Mel Carson, because I practised lots and lots until I was sick.

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • Olivier Amar

    Well since I’m getting in early on this, I’ll steal this one.

    I’m a …. wait just search me on the net and see what come up.

    I think in 2009 more and more people will look to the net to find out more about who they are meeting and what they’re about. What better way then finding a person online and finding out they’re into this and that. No joke, someone added me on twitter and I looked her up and came across an old profile where she was/is the head dominatrix for a dominatrix support group. If that doesn’t tell you about someone…

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • Anthony Shapley

    My new years resolutions are to (a) Move to Yorkshire and re-setup (b) start working at Bronco with Dave and fit in/do well (c) become a remarkable SEO.

    I hope I win a t-shirt ha ha

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • Ashley

    I’m NOT a…Bridezilla! 🙂

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • Colleen

    I’m a little teapot! 🙂

    I’m a green eco beauty trying to make a difference… I’m a fantastic maid of honor to NOT Bridezilla… I’m a harmonica player… I’m a loving (and maybe a little crazy) girlfriend living in a house with 4 dogs…

    Too many to choose from Mel!

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • Evan

    I’m a smoke-free, nicotine-purged human being.

    Day 3 and feeling the pull….but nicorette helps. Can you hyperlink Nicorette for me, stick an affiliate link on it and get me paid if I help them sell some gum?? 🙂

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • Adina

    I’m a Human!

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • Gary Robinson


    (on reverse: “Find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook”

    This one is for me as I start my quest to immerse myself in social media and understand how I can harness its power to benefit the businesses I’ll be working on this year.

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • DaveN

    “I’m a Man Boob”
    and can I have a man boob t-shirt like yours, they look very real ..

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • MelC

    @Al Hope Vegas is treating you well! And you’re feeling better!

    @Olivier Good point!

    @Anthony Not sure that will all fit on a large size!

    @Ashley & Colleen Did you not read the small print?

    @Evan Nice one mate! Bridget will thankyou for that when she’s older 🙂

    @Adina Nice but you didn’t say why!

    @Gary Nice…..I like it!

    @DaveN Sigh…….!

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • Matthew

    I’m doing my college course on it so hopefully,

    I’m a Graphic Designer.

    Good luck to everyone! Those stickers look great

    Matt, 17, England.

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • Matthew

    Wow loads of entries already

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • Rajio

    “I’m an employed productive member of society!”
    Because I got laid off last year and not being able to find work makes me feel like a hobo.

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • David

    I’m a happy employee and a good person.

    I hope I can get my degree this year and start working, I also try to be a good person whenever I can.

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • Bhavishya Kanjhan

    I’m a post graduate !

    Just working towards my MSc degree and hope to get it with a distinction. going to be hard but not impossible.

    Reply Posted 12 years ago
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    Posted 12 years ago
  • MelC

    Winners have been posted here: http://www.melcarson.com/and-the-im-a-pc-t-shirt-sticker-winners-are.html


    Reply Posted 12 years ago
  • Ashley

    I'm NOT a…Bridezilla! 🙂

    Reply Posted 11 years ago

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