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Pioneers of Digital Book Contract Signing!

So we got the final contracts through for the book I’m writingPioneers of Digital – with Paul Springer.

It just happened to be my 40th birthday when I signed next to my name, so Ashley helped capture the moment on video with the wriggly help of little Maggie.

Posterity aside, now the actual work begins. We have a deadline of 29th of February to deliver the tome.

Anyone know any good  online touch-typing courses? Winking smile

P.S. Follow Pioneers of Digital on Twitter.

Maggie Knows Her Name!

OK, well maybe not her name, but she’s getting bigger and able to kick those long legs like crazy and respond to sounds.

Hard to believe that just over a month ago she was inside Ashley wiggling like this!

It’s Ashley’s birthday tomorrow, so Daddy and Maggie will be doing special for our heroine, followed by dinner with family and friends in West Seattle.


But I want to watch the game!

We’re trying to persuade Ashers that “that something special” might be finding a pub for the England world cup rugby game tomorrow……….but not sure that’s going to wash!

Blue Angels Aerobatics Display at Seattle Seafair 2011

Who needs to go down to Lake Washington for Seafair, when you can watch the Blue Angels from the comfort of your own home?

Filmed from our deck, they flew so low they set off car alarms on our street. Check out the very cool final frame fly past!

Cannes Lions 2011 Video Highlights

This year was my 3rd Cannes Lions Festival, and we had a cracking line up and loads to do social media-wise.

On the Tuesday morning I got a call from Ashley saying she was having contractions, so the next day I made the mad dash back to Seattle on 3 planes, only just making each flight.

She was OK, and we’re still waiting for the baby, but I was really proud of the guys on the ground in the south of France who re-grouped and proved I was surplus to requirements.

This is the highlights video which features the best of our participation at this year’s event!

Au revoir!

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