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Lost Your Phone? Find it with Microsoft My Phone – Review

When the Windows Phone launched a couple of weeks ago, so did a new service from Microsoft called My Phone.

I’d been using it for a while in Beta but the update has really got my attention because of some very cool features.

How about if you’ve misplaced your phone at home or left it on a train? Bloody annoying isn’t it!

The way My Phone works is to synch all your photos, docs, texts etc etc with the cloud under your Windows Live ID AND your phone’s last known location:

My Phone

Here’s what the website looks like now I’m signed in. On the left is a self-explanatory menus of all your phones bits and pieces that have been backed up.

You can see my phone was last backed up last night – you can set it to synch automatically.

My Phone

Click to find your lost phone and you’re presented with a “See map” option:

My Phone

Up pops a Bing map with where my phone was when I synched last!

You’ll also notice some premium features being trialled to:

My Phone

You can have the system ring your phone and it’ll work even if the phone is set to silent so no worries there!

Locking the phone is easy but obviously be careful with Erasing – last resort for that one.

To sign up go to:

More on other features next week!

Windows Phone US TV Ad

Check out the new TV ad for the Microsoft Windows Phone I wrote about on the Microsoft Advertising Blog last week.

The phone is positioned as having an operating system which can cope with the demands of both work tasks and play stuff like social networking, web and music.

LG Chocolate Phone $10k Treasure Hunt


Interesting buzz-vehicle from LG.

Recall 5 of your “Chocolate” mobile phones with specific serial numbers and hand out $50k as a reward!

If you have one of the handsets knocking around, maybe it’s slipped down the back of the sofa or you know someone who’s sported one down the pub, make sure you check out the numbers below and I’ll have a Fortnum & Mason Hamper for letting you know!


But hurry – the offer ends on 30th September!

PPC Rockstars Interview with David Szetela



Got interviewed last week by Mr PPC Fabulous David Szetela from ClixMarketing

During the show we discuss:

· The evolution of the Microsoft Advertising Community Team

· The Yahoo! deal?!

· Microsoft adCenter as the one-stop-shop for advertisers

· Microsoft Media Network

· Search and Display ROI Uplift Research

· Microsoft Advertising Intelligence

· Atlas Search

· adCenter Desktop

· adCenter ROI – “2 times to 5 times better than on Google and Yahoo!” says David!

· SES San Jose!

· Microsoft Advertising on Social Media

Check out the interview here: Microsoft Advertising Interview with Mel Carson

UK Online Advertising Up 38% to £2.8B – IAB

New figures from the IAB show yet again that the online advertising model is no flash in the pan….

Banners, skyscrapers and rich media saw a staggering 45% growth last year, showing agencies and advertisers are obviously seeing the benefit from a branding and, in some cases, a direct response effect. 

The old stalwart “paid search” is apparently “maturing” but still growing, keeping its number-one-slot at 58% share or £1.6B – a colossal 39% growth.

Apologies for all the hyperbole, but as my US colleagues would say I’m super-invigorated by this news.

I don’t see mobile figures in the report, but that’s going to be big this year given the uptake of the iPhone, and the announcement last week that Microsoft will be updating its mobile browser so users can view fullscreen web pages and multi-media more easily.

The future’s bright……but is it mobile?

Mobile Friends A Snip At £11k

The Telegraph reports today, just how toxic mobile downloads can be to the wallet if you, or your wife, are not careful!

It’s sad how a ridiculous case like this, is what it takes to strengthen the resolve of the powers-that-be to put a stop to the outlandish roaming fees the mobile operators get away with…..

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