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Axis of Awesome Video

Sent to me by a friend who only emails stuff if it’s really, really good.

This is really, REALLY good!

Strewth those Aussies can be funny when they try!

Iceland Volcano Photos

Just been told that the Icelandic volcano that’s causing so much trouble for flights in and out of the UK, was under a glacier we visited last year!

We were in Reykjavik for an internet marketing conference and our gracious hosts NordicEMarketing took us on a 4×4 trip into the icy wilderness.

Glacier Me in front of the glacier


A wider perspective




That’s us all on a bridge that doesn’t exist an more!

Fffffrightening stuff!!

Thanks For Sponsoring My Half Marathon for NACOA

The thighs are aching, the knees are creaking and I can’t stop eating, but at least I finished in one peice!

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me to run the Human Race 1/2 marathon around Dorney Lake yesterday.


I was most touched by your generosity towards my chosen charity – National Association for Children of Alcoholics

I was even more touched by the stories many of you told of how you’d wished a charity like that had been around when you were growing up.

£590 so far is then doubled to nearly £1200!

Not too late to help either: http://www.justgiving.com/melcarson2

As you can tell from the video, my wife Ashley was on hand for some fantastically enthusiastic support, and you can see from my bewildered face at the end that I never in a million years thought I was going to break 2 hrs 30 mins.

So satisfactory job all around.

Now for a bit of a rest and a think about my next challenge!

Any ideas?

Running 1/2 Marathon for National Association for Children of Alcoholics



This was me this morning – photo taken by a very sleepy Ashley!



This is what I went out running in at 6.30am


Because I’m training for a 1/2 Marathon in aid of The National Association for Children of Alcoholics

2 years ago I ran the London Marathon. I’ve now just about recovered, so decided to try a 1/2 Marathon to get back into shape after the best year of my life – 2009 – when I got married to the lovely Ashley and celebrated hard (!) on both sides of the Atlantic.

I’m trying to raise £2,000 this time by running the Lucozade Sport Race Your Pace 1/2 Marathon in Windsor on 28th March.

That’s less than 3 months away……gulp!

The charity I’ve chosen is The National Association for Children of Alcoholics who do really fabulous work in an area of much taboo.

Do visit their website to read some of the children’s stories to understand there are 1000’s of young people out there suffering through no fault of their own.

I work for Microsoft and they guarantee to match any donation, so anything you give will effectively be doubled!

Check out my charity page to donate & thanks in advance:


Dropping Post-Xmas Poundage & The MSN Diet Blog

Well the bows of holly have been de-decked, tree needles are clogging up the vacuum cleaner and what’s left of the brandy butter is going mouldy in the fridge.

We’ve had a fabulous first Christmas as a married couple traipsing about 5,000 miles to see family and friends in the SW of England and then in Seattle.

Highlights were being rescued from an icy ditch near Taunton, being in the BA lounge for 2 hours while others, without such lofty access, queued to be searched before boarding our Boxing Day flight, the overwhelming reception from 30 of Ashley’s close family when we arrived States-side, and spending quality-time with Ashley at the Seahawks game – that Hasslebladder really has to go?!



Space Needle 


Now I’m on a New Year Mission to lose some weight and get fit for a 1/2 marathon in Windsor at the end of March. We’re not drinking in January again which is going to be tough as I fly to Las Vegas today for the Consumer Electronics Show…..so we’ll see well how I get on!

I’m aiming to lose 20lbs or one and a half stone, but our friend Nicole Thomas has just started a Diet Blog for MSN UK and she’s aiming to shed FOUR Stone!!!

You really should follow her stuff – she’s a great writer, very funny and acerbic when she wants to be!

You can follow her on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/treefroggirl

Happy New Year to you all and wish me and Nicole luck in becoming half the people we used to be!

LookingGlass Video & BA Strike Update

Been meaning to post this video – “sizzle reel” – as I posted an interview with Cindy Chiu about Microsoft LookingGlass up on the Microsoft Advertising Blog recently.

Reception to my previous post on the British Airways Strike has been enormous. Over 1000 people have visited and and at the time of writing 70+ have left their stories.

Here’s hoping this afternoons legal judgement falls in the consumers favour.

One good thing to come from this is the Social Media story that I’ve written about on my Media Week Blog about the BA Strike.

Bet this one gets called out in presentations all through 2010!

British Airways Strike & Xmas Petition to BA Staff

My wife and I are planning to spend our first Christmas as a married couple with family in the SW of England before flying to Seattle to visit her family on Boxing Day.

Now all that looks doomed unless Willie and the BA managers can sort out this “12 days of Christmas strike” with those lovely chaps at the union Unite – ironic name don’t you think seeing as over 1M people look as if they’ll not get united with their families this festive season!

If you’ve been affected, leave a message below for all parties involved and explain your situation. Maybe that’ll pull a few heart strings and avert disaster for everyone!!!


Searching For Santa at SES Chicago 2009 & Finding Bing

A very Greg Jarboe looking Santa, quizzes the searcherati at Search Engine Strategies in Chicago about what they want for Christmas.

Jim Sterne, Matt McGowan, Motoko Hunt, David Szetela, Dave Naylor, Anne Kennedy, Bryan Eisenberg and Li Evans all feature.

Bill Hunt gets the festive link lovage though – watch till the end to see why!


Wish I’d gone now!!!

Future Technology 2009 – Fun Trivia Video

Some nice facts and figures on this 5 min video which takes you on a whirlwind trip around technology!

I love the comment from someone on YouTube:

“I don’t want to die because I want to? see the technology in 2100!”

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