Best Wedding Entrance Ever?


So I’m getting married to Ashley in 22 days – we’re going to have to get our thinking caps on to top this amazing start to a ceremony!

UPDATE!!! YouTube don’t want me to embed it anymore so check it out on their site here:


  • Jon Myers

    Come on Mate

    I have seen you dance, you can pull this one off in 22 days no problem! Good Luck and have a great time, it is the best day of your life!

    Reply Posted 11 years ago
  • MelC

    Thanks mate – where are your wedding photos! And where on earth have you seen me dance!! See you on the other side…..

    Reply Posted 11 years ago
  • MelC

    LOL Linda Fox just sent me this

    Reply Posted 11 years ago
  • Patrice

    I enjoy watching the video. Congratulations to you and Ashley for your forthcoming wedding.

    Reply Posted 11 years ago
  • Bryan

    Awesome video man!!!!

    Reply Posted 11 years ago

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