The Royal Channel – Queen Hits YouTube!

And we’re not talking Freddie, Brian, John & Roger here!

Following on from my post yesterday about hordes of us shopping online during the Queen’s speech, her highness has reacted by launching her own channel on YouTube.

The Royal Channel already has 8k subscribers, and shows herself is adapting to changing times by reaching out to the yoof of our nation, and giving all 3.7m of us who will be rudely bargain-hunting online while she’s on the box, a chance to catch her thoughts at our own convenience.

I hear she’s considering Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live Messenger chats next :)

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  • #1 Jack

    Facebook is out! MateCube is the new social networking hit!

    Reply Posted 7 years ago
  • #2 MelC

    Really Jack!

    Tell us more about it then….

    Reply Posted 7 years ago

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