The Factory – ERP Viral Video


Was just pinged about this by Gavin from TSW!

Nice little viral with frighteningly good impersonations of Ricky Gervais and others from The Office!

Check out all of them here:

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  • #1 Simon Wharton


    It’s sometime since you have been seen in Rainy Manchester. Would be good to see you up here again sometime. Rather chuffed you have noticed one of our campaigns with a partner agency. It’s part of a series of videos which we are rather grandly referring to as an “Episodic Mockumentary”. You heard it here first! (Or did I steal it?)
    The series has also been shortlisted for a couple of Big Chip Awards
    Just goes to show you don’t just need to shop dahn that Lahndahn if you want digital talent

    Reply Posted 6 years ago
  • #2 Video Marketing Guy

    Nice video. Keep on posting. :-)

    Reply Posted 5 years ago
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    [...] years Big Chip Awards and the video’s have been posted on some great sites such as that of Mel Carson. This was our personal favourite in terms of placements but the results for the campaign were also [...]

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  • #4 Viral videos

    Now this is what you call a viral video

    Reply Posted 4 years ago

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