Josh LaBelle Meets President Obama at The Paramount


One of the nicest people I know is my brother-in-law, Josh LaBelle.

Josh is married to Ashley’s sister, Colleen, and runs the Seattle Theatre Group which includes the Paramount, Moore and Neptune theatres in the city.

A couple of weeks ago, Barak Obama was in town for a whirlwind visit, which included a fundraising lunch at The Paramount.

Josh got to meet him backstage and said he was delightful!

I’ve never met a head of state, although I was looking at some leather wallets in a tent at the Windsor Horse Show in 1997 and heard a familiar voice next to me ask the local craftsmen, “Do you make these yourselves?”

It was The Queen of England!

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  • #1 Jimbo

    Awesome! As my students in Shanghai would say…..Heads of State? I don’t think the Queen is Head of State of the Grenadines in which case I HAVE met a Head of State. When I got married on Palm Island, the PM of the Grenadines was on the island and said hello to us! Not quite the P of the USA! The Queen’s son, Prince Andrew is coming next week to open the new school in which I work.

    Reply Posted 3 years ago
  • #2 Michael Sullivan

    Came across your post by chance!
    Best wishes!
    Michael (Melville) Sullivan.

    Reply Posted 3 years ago

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