Dinner Next Week With Dave Naylor & Joost De Valk!


This is a picture of Gordon Ramsey’s place at Claridges in London :-)

Now Dave has offered to buy some lucky winner AND a friend dinner next week while he’s down for A4U.

The newly married & exhausted Joost De Valk will also be there to add a bit of European sophistication to the evening’s proceedings because Dave and I are from England – not Europe!

All you have to do is leave a comment on Dave’s blog telling him why you want to have dinner with us!

Apparently Dave wants me to choose the venue – anyone got any ideas?

  • http://www.receptional.com Dixon Jones – Internet Marketing geezer

    The problem is that Excel is in the middle of nowhere… but there is that hotel boat where MS ran an event last year?

    Also go awy from Excel past the novotel…. carry on walking for about half a mile then there is a road/bridge on your left. Across there was the Chines (or was it Thai) where I had to do the Heimlich manouver on Alan Dick one SES. Alan may remember the name.

  • MelC

    I was thinking of borrowing Mike Grehan’s helicopter and flying us to Le Manoir – is that too decadent?

  • http://www.bronco.co.uk Daniel Mcskelly

    Rhodes 24 – decent food, great views and not too far from Docklands. Expensive enough that you can savour Dave’s weeping along with your meail too.

  • http:www.here.org.uk Kieron

    I stayed on the boat that Dixon mentions last year, the restaurant was decidely average. I would recommend Gordon Ramsey’s Boxwood Cafe, very nice, http://www.gordonramsay.com/boxwoodcafe/

  • MelC

    I stayed on that boat during SES two years ago. We had a little party too. Don’t remember the breakfast being anything to write home about!

  • http://www.anthonyshapley.co.uk Anthony

    Hey Mel,
    Thanks for your reply to my entry.. I suggested a venue on my blog, this is my beg for you to influence him ;p apparently you can do that?


  • http://www.jonmyers.co.uk Jon Myers

    Hello Mate

    How about the Docklands Bar & Grill? Just down the road from Excel. Gets good reviews, good views and it wont hurt Daves pocket to much ;))


  • http://www.bronco.co.uk/ Daniel Mcskelly

    Rhodes 24 – decent food, great views and not too far from Docklands. Expensive enough that you can savour Dave's weeping along with your meail too.

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