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  • marcia

    This is all so heart goes out to his family how has to relive this sad event for month to come maybe even years. We all loved him. There will never be another Michael God made him a very speical person. the world will morn his passing for along time to come. Blessings to his children and family. love you now and for ever.

    Reply Posted 9 years ago
  • Armine Abrahamyan

    I am loving You Michael
    and always will ….
    All my life I dreamed about to meet You
    and I will go on to believe
    that one day my dream will come in true………

    You are an Angel,
    and Angels are never dying…….

    I am loving You Michael……
    I can’t stop loving You……..

    Reply Posted 9 years ago
  • pat

    he was a wounderful person and i enjoy his music, i send my love to his family, he passed away but he will live on

    Reply Posted 9 years ago
  • stamma b

    who God bless no man curse, michael was a man blessed by God, and I am inspired by all of his works he has done on earth, i have been touch by him and so has the world, may his soul rest in peace in heaven.

    Reply Posted 9 years ago
  • iesha

    My heart is missing a big chunk, I cant believe that Michael is dead, it’s just not fair he was the most beautiful, kind, caring and loveing and giving person on this planet his soul will live on forever, he was an angel that lived on earth and now he is a angel up above. may his family find joy in all the wonderful memories he has lest behind. I love you Michael, Always baby … I will never forget you.. the most amazing man x

    Reply Posted 9 years ago
  • kira

    when i heard that michael jackson died my throught suddenly went dry and i felt like crying. I think that michael jackson was an amazing singer and songwriter. I also think that he diserves to stay in our hearts forever.
    I will never forget you michael… were the most amazing man that i ever heard of! xoxoxo

    Reply Posted 9 years ago
  • marcia

    Now that the memorial is over and Micheal has been laid to rest somewhere yet unknown, its so sad to listen to all the nagitive talk about him. So sad to here just how addicted he was to all the many drugs the doctors alouded him. People how cared nothing for his real well being just about his money. willing to do anything to get his money even kill him. I hope that they send that so called doctor away for a very long time for what he has done. He is a murder and he killed one of the worlds most loved people and he should pay….My heart so goes out to his family. His poor children that must be suffering such a great lose. I hope that some day they are able to see and understand just how wornderful there father was and how much he meant to so many people around the world. love you now and always ….

    Reply Posted 9 years ago
  • kim

    OMG!! when i fist heard the news tht michael jackson died i was feeling thta somthing inisde ma heart is empty he was like a perfect man that could do anything and without him nothing can be done. Everytime i see him on the news or magazines i just feel bad and blame myself for doing nothing to see him i just wish that i could just meet the one truly perfect man did lives before and remain living for ever and ever. I feel kinda bad for his 3 children because they lost a great man that lived for many years and rock the world the way we wanted it. i love u
    michael and i mean it like a reall person not like a person that just says it to look gd. hop u have better time in heaven then down here i no u have been though a lot of hard things in your life but for once u are living ur beacutiful dreams up there. All ma hop to the family and friends R.I.P MJ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Reply Posted 9 years ago

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