Rob Green, Beckham’s Face, Obama, Twitter & the World Cup

So what was trending on Twitter in the UK an hour or so after Rob Green’s howler last night in the England football game with the USA?

trending No “Rob Green”…………..although I’m sure he’d made an appearance shortly after miss.

Checking out the Tweets related to David’s expression, there were a couple of photos circulating showing him disconsolate.

One just with David:Beckham And the other showing Barack Obama unable to contain his delight:

Obama Whether the Obama pic is a fake or not, I don’t know.

But it does go to show that visuals/photos can spread like wildfire on Twitter if they’ve scored a critical hit.


  • PaulH

    Checkout the reflection of the TV screen on the table. Fake but funny 🙂

    Reply Posted 14 years ago
    • Mel Carson

      Super-sleuth Paul – thanks for that, and you're right, fake but funny!

      Reply Posted 14 years ago
  • David Iwanow

    if only they took the 5 seconds to crop the reflection out of the image, you would have never known….

    Reply Posted 14 years ago
    • Mel Carson

      Indeed. I'm just amazed someone had the resourcefulness to do something that quickly and get it up there…

      Reply Posted 14 years ago
  • Dutch

    The reflection in th table is of a different picture but the reflection looks upside down to me..

    Reply Posted 14 years ago

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