Review: Klipsch Image S4 Noise-Cancelling Earphones


Up until last week, I’ve been listening to music and travelling with a pair of Shure SE310’s that cost me an arm and a leg a few years ago. They had excellent sound, but were sometimes a little uncomfortable and had very thick cables that would bang on my clothes when I walked and cause a lot of periphery noise.

Last week, I pulled them too hard out of a bag and one of the earphones came off. To replace them, I’d have to go for the SE315’s for $249 from a store or send them back to Shure who’d replace them for around $90.

Just to make sure I was plumping for the best, I did some research and discovered this review by Jasmine France of the Klipsch Image S4 earphones (affiliate link). I’d never really seen such a glowing report for anything in this area so did some more research and found a pair on Amazon for about $79 (affiliate link).

klipsch-s4-earphones-review-photoThey are, quite frankly awesome! They fit beautifully, the cable is light enough and doesn’t get in the way, and the sound is exceptional. I’m not a proper audiophile, but I know I like good quality and these work fantastically with all genres of music. The other thing I like about them is the price. How Klipsch did it I don’t know, but they’re giving more recognized brands a run for their money by probably shifting loads of these.

I didn’t like the tin box they came in though, so am using my old Shure case. The one I should have put my expensive ones in before I put them in my bag in the first place.

Nice to know if I’m an idiot again, it’s not going to cost me the earth any more.

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