Pretty Standard New York Pork Chop


Pretty Chop from The Standard Hotel

Have a few Taste posts backed up now because of all the hectic travelling, but this was one of the best meals I had in NYC this month with the fabulous Kristen and Jamie from MediaVest.

New York’s Standard Hotel, Restaurant and Beer Garden down near Soho House does these enormous chops, with a delightful fruity (mango I think) accompaniment.

Look at the size of it!

Seriously the more I eat out in America, the more I realise how stingy UK eateries can be with their portions, especially when it comes to meat and seafood.

Thoroughly recommend going there. Don’t expect to be able to get the draft beer the beer garden patrons are sipping though,  because they don’t serve it in the restaurant……which was the only shame about the place!


  • Ben Gibbs

    Hey Mel … looks nice, and seared to a tee. As a patriot and lover of fine English food, I feel I should take umbrage at the comparison though. For one, did they know where the pig came from? And two, our portions maybe smaller, but so are the waiting lists at our Cardio Units!

    Reply Posted 10 years ago
    • MelC

      Not having a dig at the quality of English food, just the value for money. I’ve not been to a single restaurant over here where they didn’t know where everything came from. And yes there’s an obesity problem over here, but that’s not the restaurant’s fault. We regularly get two meals out of an evening because we take half of it home!

      Reply Posted 10 years ago

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