Pattycake Prints in Seattle Make a Fab Impression


Now I should warn you that I’ve just embarked on two months of paternity leave, so there’ll be a few less technology posts going live between now and Christmas.

This one’s a friendly nod towards Pattycake Prints who do a roaring trade in and around Seattle, Bellevue etc doing hand and feet prints for babies.


As you can tell, Maggie was thrilled by her double-whammy that cost about $50.

The team that do it travel to various baby stores in the area at scheduled times, and it takes about a month to get finished off. Really impressed with their work.

P1050432 (640x480)

But how times have changed? Above is my foot print taken in Bermuda in 1971.

And yes, it is cunningly fashioned to double up as an ashtray.

So “de rigueur” when I was a mere babe, such a novelty now.


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