Microsoft & Yahoo! Deal – Insider Thoughts


Trust me to be in a cab on the way to the airport when I get an email from Steve Ballmer with the news! (82k other Microsoftee’s got the mail too, not just me 😉 )

Anyway – Dixon Jones was straight on it!

How do I feel? Well I called a couple of guys to have a chat and we’re really pleased – it it all goes through. It’s been an incredible journey for the last 2 1/2 years, we’ve spent a lot of time and energy on adCenter and even more on our customers.

People have noted how things have changed for the better since we’ve come to market, and it’ll keep getting better as, if this deal comes off, we integrate the businesses and continue in the vein in which we started.

Advertiser’s, publisher’s & marketer’s needs are at the heart of what we’re doing here!

I love this industry!!!!

Right! Flight’s boarding….gotta run!


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    Posted 11 years ago
  • Andrew Girdwood

    We’ve been keenly discussing what the combination of MSN and Yahoo would be like for months – this announcement has just poured a bucket of fuel onto those conversations!

    Good luck!

    Reply Posted 11 years ago
  • Jeff Quipp

    Agree completely with Andrew … ooooh the potential. MSNers and Yahooers alike will have some really interesting opportunities ahead.

    Reply Posted 11 years ago

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