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Taking us back to 1609 when the first newspaper appeared in Germany, this video from the Microsoft Advertising Imagine 2011 conference we covered here in Seattle a few weeks back, shows the transformation of media through offline papers and magazines to TV, computers and mobile devices, and demonstrates how advertising and marketing has evolved right up until the present day with the proliferation of social media channels.

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  • Stephanie Courtney

    The Greeks used advertising for their play festivals. Merchants, who sponsored the playwrights, would have the performers do snipets of the plays to crowds in town drumming up interest and support for their productions which were performed at the City Dionysus – just like the movie trailers of today. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II ain’t got nothing on Sophocles and the Oedipus Cycle.

    Reply Posted 13 years ago

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