Personal Branding Speaker

Hire personal branding speaker, Mel Carson, to speak or deliver a workshop at your conference or event on the importance and power of personal branding both online and in-person.

Personal Branding Speaker

Mel is a Personal Branding Consultant and founder of Delightful Communications, a Seattle-based social media, digital PR and personal branding consultancy.

His speeches and workshops as a Personal Branding Keynote Speaker have been described as high impact, engaging, authoritative, informative, inspiring and actionable.

He is also author of critically acclaimed: Introduction to Personal Branding – 10 Steps Toward a New Professional You

You can read what LinkedIn’s own marketing team thought of the book here: Marketing Book Worth a Look: Introduction to Personal Branding

Here’s a typical format for a personal branding presentation or workshop:

Personal Branding: How to Stand Up and Stand Out in your Niche

  • What is personal branding?
  • How can having a compelling personal brand help you and your business?
  • How to think about and leverage your digital footprint across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels
  • When you speak at conferences, how can what you say on stage can be amplified to ten times the people in the room?
  • Personal Branding Strategies and Tactics:
    • How to create a personal branding statement
    • How to have your brand shine online and in person
    • How you can support marketing campaigns and company initiatives using your brand
    • What to do before you speak at an event
    • How to amplify your brand during your presentation
    • How to ensure your brand is resonating long after you step off stage

Find out more about Mel and his experience as a personal branding keynote speaker and contact him for more information on his availability to speak at your event or present a workshop at your company.

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