– First Impressions (Where’s Matt Cutts?)


I’m in the middle of the adCenter Analytics Beta refresh fever at the moment so have only had a brief look at

I notice some folks have said they do or don’t like the layout of the results. It does give you a bit more info to go on plus some universal search-type images. But whether it’s to your taste or not it’s not that new as was experimenting with a similar kind of layout when it when that launched last year.

Categories are an interesting one as I thought they went out with the LookSmart directories many moons ago. Guess they supposed to be like Related Searches on Live Search?

A search for Google throws up some employees but alas no Matt Cutts 🙁


As Danny says it’s difficult to measure relevancy on just a few searches so I think they should be given some time to tweak before diving in properly.


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