Cost Per Monk Story From A4UExpo 2008

Joost has written a good sum up of a4uexpo and Dave has written about last nights dinner so I’ll write up my thoughts on my Media Week blog tomorrow.

In the meantime thanks for all the great feedback about Dixon, mine and Tor Crockatt’s presentation.

I was asked about the the opening of my talk so do read the Cost Per Monk story and feel free to mention it whenever appropriate!

It was great to meet even more SEO’s and internet marketers including Al Carlton, Patrick Altoft, Marcus Tandler, Todd Crawford who shared some great stories and tips over some great Thai food.

Big hand to Matthew Wood for a great show. Gawd knows how he felt this morning!

If you ever wondered what it’s like up there on a panel – see below!


That’s  Anthony Shapley in the front row holding the orange show program. He’s not just a talented SEO but an awesome photographer!

And it’s his 21st birthday tomorrow!


  • Ciarán

    And that’s Richard & Stephen sitting next to him, a couple of likely looking lads if ever I saw them – it was great to finally meet you and I’m really sorry that I missed your talk – apart from anything else I think Tor’s one of the best speakers on the circuit.

    Reply Posted 14 years ago
  • MelC

    Good to meet you too Ciaran! At last! Let’s have a beer at SMX London and wax lyrical about Tor’s delivery!

    Reply Posted 14 years ago
  • Anthony Shapley

    Cheers dude it was awesome meeting you, I’m not sure if I’d consider myself an awesome photographer.. not yet anyway 🙂

    Reply Posted 14 years ago
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  • Al Carlton

    Great to meet you too Mel, was a great meal and evening.

    Reply Posted 14 years ago
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