Baby Carson at 23 Weeks


Just got round to posting these photos of the little blighter 4 weeks after our last scan!

Looks like he/she has got my nose. Right little ski-jump! Ashley’s amazing cheek bones too.

Ashley is now 27 weeks pregnant and doing really, really well!


Thumb-sucker like me too!

I’ve been painting nursery furniture and Ashley’s been buying paraphernalia like “strollers” and “diapers”!

Just 3 months to go and counting………tick…….tock…….


  • Rebekah

    You mean “buggies” (or is it a pram?) and “nappies”?

    Reply Posted 13 years ago
  • P M Melville

    Hi Ashley and Mel – I was delighted to see the first scans of your little baby – very exciting!! When is the actual D day? You must be soo excited and yet getting a little weary now Ashley and feeling a little uncomfortable. Enjoy the last few weeks of being together, take advantage of all the sleep-ins as that will be a thing of the past soon! Lots of love to you both. P xx

    Reply Posted 13 years ago
  • MelC

    Thanks guys! Due on 15th August! and Rebekah, it’s a pram!

    Reply Posted 13 years ago
  • Everywhereist

    Hey kids – I was just thinking about you guys. I am so sorry we missed your welcome to Seattle party (we were in a bit of a situation with our landlord. LOOOOONG story. We shall have to share it in person). We’d love to see you both (you three?) very, very soon. Perhaps before Mini-Mel arrives?

    Reply Posted 13 years ago

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